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look forward to more updates! [Feb. 7th, 2007|08:18 pm]
[Current Location |Jackie and Ryans room]
[music |VNV Nation- End of Days]

I finally have a computer of my own!! I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. And now that I have it, it barely connects to the internet. So hopefully this gets posted at all.

I want to have my own WoW account now, I think it'd be worth it. Plus, I'd get to play with a pretty boy!

I promise to give a better update about the last forever and a half, everything that I've been doing for the last few... months? (not really for your sakes, but for my own)

Don't worry, I'll cut it, so that it isn't imposing on friend page space.
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2006|10:15 pm]
[Current Location |San Diego (home)]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Master of Puppets- Apocalyptica]

So yeah, I know I've been out of the old lj loop for a while now...

That doesn't mean I haven't been reading and sometimes commenting where necessary.

Anyway, I'm back in San Diego!!! I'm so excited! All I want is mexican food! mmmmmm... I swear it doesn't exist in Northern California. All they have there is "fresh" mexican. Which is not greasy, or delicious! :( They don't even have California burritos!! OR carne asada fries!! WTF??

SO yeah, if you're in San Diego and would like to partake in a burrito, quesadilla, or taquitos with me, hell, any Mexican food would make me happy at this point.... So yeah, please give me a call, leave a comment here, and if not, have a happy holiday!

I'm going to be in town till Friday Morning. So make your plans with me, Gia! Here in San Diego for a limited time only!!!

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Aftermath [Nov. 2nd, 2006|11:22 am]
I am very tired today. And it's my fault, so I'm not complaining.
Last night I went out for the first time in a while, got to go dancing, just like the old days of Cathedral *tear*. I remember how much I loved going out.

What's not to love? Dancing, good music, clove cigarrettes, and pretty boys. Everything that the Gia loves. Well, maybe not everything, but at least a few things.

So yeah. This weekend I'm going Christmas present shopping. I need to make lists and figure out what I'm buying for everyone. Argh.
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Back from war [May. 30th, 2006|08:11 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Talia playing piano]

Wow. I just witnessed the amazingness of lj's autosave feature.

Now only had that happened a long time ago, when I used to write meaningful entries that would not get uploaded because of slow connections.

Anyway, I'm back from War now. It was good, fun, mellow. Yet somehow I got a cold. Like I do everytime I come back from an event. For the most part.

Summer is looking to be really good, and really short. I only have two more months in San Diego, two weeks of those I'll be gone at Sweet's Mill. It's kind of sad, but I'm really happy to be moving. Soon it will be time to go house-hunting.

So as soon as this cold passes, I'll be unstoppable this summer. Especially in my supercute bathing suit.

Now it's time for sleep. Lots and lots of it.

goodnight everyone.
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2006|04:29 pm]
[mood |curiousein bisschen verwirrt]
[music |Bullet with Butterfly Wings- Billy Corgan (acoustic)]

So I only just realized how little time I have left here in San Diego.
May is almost over! That means I only have June, I'm gone for most of July at Sweet's Mill. When I get back, I'll be packing. We're probably moving in August 1, or maybe the 15th, if that works better. But holy woman! My time here is almost over!

I don't know if I'm sad or happy about it....
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If only if only.... [Jan. 30th, 2006|02:20 pm]
[mood |curiouscurious]

The Maid of Honor
Deliberate Gentle Love Master (DGLMf)

Appreciated for your kindness and envied for all your experience, you are The Maid of Honor.

Charismatic, affectionate, and terrific in relationships, you are what many guys would call a "perfect catch"--and you probably have many admirers, each wishing to capture your long-term love. You're careful, extra careful, because the last thing you want is to hurt anyone. Especially some poor boy whose only crime was liking you.

Your exact opposite:

Random Brutal Sex Dreamer
We've deduced you're fully capable of a dirty fling, but you do feel that post-coital attachment after hooking up. So, conscientious person that you are, you do your best to reserve physical affection for those you respect...so you can respect yourself.

Your biggest negative is the byproduct of your careful nature: indecision. You're just as slow rejecting someone as you are accepting them.

ALWAYS AVOID: The False Messiah, The 5-Night Stand, The Vapor Trail, The Bachelor

CONSIDER: The Gentleman, someone just like you.

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.
My profile name: shwaychick
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What's this? An actual update on life? [Jan. 16th, 2006|07:53 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Passive- A Perfect Circle]

Things are on the rise for me these days, and I'm quite happy.

My school schedule will be hectic this semester, but here's what it looks like

Right now I'm enrolled in:
Pych 120 9:30-12:30 M-F (3)

Hist. 108: 8:00am-9:15am TTH (3)
German II: 11:00am-1:15pm TTH (5)
Poli. Sci: 2:00pm-3:15pm TTH (3)
Sociology: 3:30pm-4:45pm TTH (3)
Ballet I: 5:00-6:15 TTH (1.5)(I'm hoping to add this one)

Then for spring intercession, I'm taking History 109.Probably online. And I'll be done with Junior College forever!!!

Yeah that's right 21.5 units!

If that isn't enough of a death wish, I'm working part time for the Evil Empire (Starbucks) and the people I babysit for are asking me to officially sit for them every Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It will be time to do homework.

AND Starting this week,Jackie and I are taking Belly dancing classes on Tuesday nights and Yoga on Thursday nights.

I think our plan of losing weight/getting in shape will be more than effective with me, as I probably won't have time to eat.

The trick is to not fail and get my ass in line about studying and I'll do fine. And then I will be in my beloved Northern California.
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Top ten trivia [Jan. 13th, 2006|05:03 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Shwaychick!

  1. Shwaychick does not have toes.

  2. Shwaychick was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return.

  3. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat shwaychick, though it may feel uncomfortable.

  4. Astronauts get taller when they are in shwaychick.

  5. Shwaychick has often been found swimming miles from shore in the Indian Ocean.

  6. The number one cause of blindness in the United States is shwaychick.

  7. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun's surface to shwaychick!

  8. In 1982 Time Magazine named shwaychick its 'Man of the Year'.

  9. Apples are covered with a thin layer of shwaychick.

  10. The deepest part of shwaychick is over 35,000 feet deep.

I am interested in - do tell me about

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These days [Dec. 18th, 2005|12:36 am]
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |When the Levee Breaks- A Perfect Circle]

So life is getting a little bit better every day. I have good days, and I have bad days. I'm hoping to keep the balance a little higher on the good days.

Last night was nice, though. I took Paul to a dinner party my friend held. It was supposed to be themed, after the movie "Labyrinth". No one dressed up like they were supposed to, which sucked. But dinner was nice, even if they did mess it up a little. What was nicest was that I got to talk to Paul, a friend who I surprisingly had talked to very little. I'm surprised that I got him to talk as much as I did. And despite the other guest's lack of proper attire, the evening was lovely.

Today was my first day off in quite awhile. I got to sleep in, go shopping, buy myself fuzzy boots, and get prettied up and go out.

Maybe my depression was fueled from too much work and school and not enough recouperation time.
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(no subject) [Dec. 15th, 2005|03:35 pm]
[music |Hey Jude- The Beatles]

Gearing up for my last final.

I'm putting up a belated notice here. If anyone would like anything made(sewing-wise) for christmas, look no further. And please let me know what it is you would like! I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but kept forgetting.
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